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Our Giant Advent Calendar launches this Christmas to huge fanfare, as always it’s been made with lots of love and care….with what I hope you’ve come to expect from our team at Maggie’s Pet Store.

Our natural treats are famous, and we send them all over the UK. So when we thought about making your dogs Christmas even more magical, an Advent Calendar was the top of our list.

When selecting the contents we have made sure they are all extremely low in fat, high in protein and chosen from our extensive range. Making sure each window brings your dog one of their favourite treats. All grain free!
You won’t find any unhealthy biscuits, no no no… just air dried protein filled gorgeous treats.

Exclusive to Maggie’s is the ability to choose a puppy version or one for our senior dogs. We’ve also designed an Advent Calendar for those of you with dogs that suffer from allergies. So we are also able to offer a “No Feathers” Advent Calendar, that’s why Maggie’s is Number 1 when it comes to putting your dogs health first.  It’s very plainly…how we roll 😂

“No Feathers” = Whilst our Advent Calendar is grain free, we know because of our extensive nutritional knowledge and training, that birds (with feathers) fed grain can still cause allergens that effect our dogs, so we can make sure that we choose proteins for your Advent Calendars that will not cause any issues over the Christmas period.

To request one of our specialist calendars please leave us guidance in the notes section prior to payment.

Standard Advent Calendar is suitable for dogs over 12 weeks

Feeding Guidance: Please ensure your dog has fresh water and is supervised while eating.

* All calendars will be available to collect or will be posted prior to December 1st


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