Welcome to Maggies

Our full website is currently under construction but in light of recent events we have created this online ordering portal so if you have to isolate, you need not run out of anything for your beloved pets.

See below for our current COVID-19 policy for the shop

? COVID – 19 ?

So let’s talk honestly about this virus, it’s got us all a little scared I think hasn’t it? You’ll be worrying about your family, your friends, your elderly neighbours…..as if we haven’t enough to worry about!

Business after business have issued their protocols and what they are planning to do should things worsen and stores like ours are asked to close our doors…….

So I’m going to talk from the heart and tell you what we will do here at Maggies.

I’m a good old fashioned northern lass, I’ll keep my store open till I have no other choice, I’ll keep it clean and safe and welcome you all into it, I do however ask you to take just as much care of me as I will of you. If your feeling unwell, stay at home and call me to deliver your dog, cat or small animal food. I’m happy to do so. I’ll take every precaution needed to do that safely. I can take payment over the phone easily, we’ll work it out don’t worry ?

All my suppliers have told me that whilst they can, they will keep the supply chain running smoothly, I will endeavor to do the same here at my end. No need to panic buy, money doesn’t grow on trees ?

I’m a community store first and foremost, I live within a 5 min walk of the store. I don’t want anyone worrying about food for their animals. Whatever happens I’ll find solutions. In a previous world that actually was my day job, operational risk, planning for worst case scenarios and making sure the world of work didn’t stop ?

I will be at the store every day, day in day out. I’ll open longer hours if that means social distancing works better when we spread visits over longer hours. We’ll deliver during the day as well as at night. I have an army of family and friends who have offered to do this to keep not just my business going but to make sure my Maggies family have all they need.

So again don’t worry. I’ve got your back, I hope you’ve got mine

So if you need me, ring the store, ring my mobile, send a neighbour in with a note, pop a note through my door out of hours…..hell send smoke signals if needed but please never worry about what your going to do about food, your not in this alone, your not, I promise.

I will continue to support my other local businesses because I want them to survive this scary time as well. If we can deliver from a couple of businesses in one go we’ll do that, just ask I’m sure it’s easily sorted.

Shop number: 0161 4838194

My mobile: 07876 761825

Email: maggiespetstore@gmail.com

Take care my lovely friends, we’ll get through this together I promise


Alison, Joshua, Bobbie and Benji ??