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We can all get stressed from time to time, but we can do certain activities that can help us get some rest, unfortunately for our furry friends it’s not as easy as turning on their favourite TV show to help them keep calm.

Around the holidays with the number of fireworks and other noisy festivities, it can get our pets feeling a little anxious and hyperactive. With Chill Drops, your pet has a natural remedy to help them keep calm and relax in stressful situations.

The Chill Drops contain:

– Valerian Root
– Hood Wort
– Chamomile
– Wild Sage in a base of Organic Red Wine Vinegar

Instructions for use:

1 full pipette is equal to 1ml
Give 1 to 5 FULL pipettes (Morning & Evening/Hourly if required)
Chill Drops can be given over a long-term basis if necessary.


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