Benji’s Belly Buster



Benji’s Belly BusterĀ 

Most animals need enrichment and chewing is the best way to release the happy endorphins, so we’ve put together Maggie’s Munch Box. With a selection of our famous natural treats your dog is going to be one happy hound.

May’s launch box contains:

~ Half Moon ( Shoulder Cartilage)

~ Lamb Grill

~ Duck Grill

~ Salmon Grill

~ Buffalo Ear

~ Natural Twist (Beef Bladder)

~ Ducks Neck

~ Rabbit Ear (With Fur)

~ Pizzle

~ Sausage Roll (Pork & Chicken Sausage wrapped in Pork)

~ Chicken Jerky

~ 2 x Chicken & Pork Sausages

~ Black Pudding Sausage

~ Beef Jerky

~ Vegetable Dental Chew


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